Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate 【京城之霜】超激光束美白安瓶

Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate 【京城之霜】超激光束美白安瓶

Published by Wendy on 2022 Nov 21st

Naruko Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate

If you are looking to reduce acne scar or brighten dull skin, then you need to checkout @naruko_usa Brightening Concentrate Essence.

The first time that I heard of this was because it is one of all-time best seller which I was surprised because there are so many amazing products from Naruko that I thought was better seller than this ampoule, but after trying it, believe me, it deserves the best selling spot. In fact, a lot of Asian and Taiwanese celebrities use this and recommended it.

The box contains 14x1.5mL which is enough for 2 weeks if used one daily. This concentrated ampoule has 2 layers of essence which blends powerful brightening and repairing complex.

Key ingredients include:
☑️7% Arbutin
☑️Tranexmic Acid
☑️Ascorbic Acid
☑️Actives 60 extracts

I use this ampoule along with the other Naruko products in the Jing Cheng line. After several use, I noticed it reduced dark spots, acne scar, and brighten my skin tone. When using this ampoule, I tend to target my hyperpigmentation area. Remember to shake the bottle before use so the 2 layers is mixed.

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