Published by mochiandblush on 2020 Oct 22nd

Jing Cheng line of products is Naruko’s premium line. A lot of the products in this line are focused on anti-aging and many contain Naruko’s Actuat E60 which is a fusion of 60 natural plant ingredients to brighten, moisturize, firm and plump up your skin. ⁣

The Jing Cheng Microcapsule Active Brightening Enhancer** is like a first essence. You apply it after cleansing so it enhances your skin’s ability to absorb your skincare products. ⁣

It contains a whole lot of ingredients! Some highlights worth noting are⁣
* Super infusion microspheres - extracted from marine collagen to ensure that active ingredients are tightly sealed and primes skin for effective absorption of ingredients. ⁣
* Gluconolactone - helps to clear deal skin cells while hydrating.⁣
* White Asparagus whitening action - extracted from white asparagus to enhance the skin’s purifying function and delay the aging process⁣
* Jeju Island Guava Leaf Extract - invigorates skin and protects it from external stimulants. ⁣

My thoughts:⁣
The Jing Cheng Microcapsule Active Brightening Enhancer has a smooth gel like texture. It has a light floral scent which is really pleasant. It definitely feels very deeply moisturizing and soothing. I find that I can skip my hylarounic serum when I use this. ⁣

I’ve used it for about 6-7 weeks now. I tried applying it 2 ways - using the Naruko Miracle Essence first and then the Enhancer and the second that was suggested by Naruko Canada, which is to apply the Enhancer first and then the Miracle Essence. ⁣

Personally, I preferred the first method, and ended up going back to using it that way in my routine. Even though I like and think it’s really pleasant to use, I’m not sure how much it has actually made a difference in my skin. I think the only way to truly tell is when I stop using it. Having said that, my skin has been feeling pretty good and calm.

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