Jing Cheng LA Creme Face Renewal Miracle Essence

Jing Cheng LA Creme Face Renewal Miracle Essence

2018 Oct 18th

I am a big fan of First Treatment Essences. The right FTE for me is usually a water-like nutrient rich essence, that I can pat generously, and can help to prep my skin and provide loads of nutrients. I had recently ran out of the beloved Missha First Treatment Essence, so Jing Cheng Face Renewal Miracle Essence got me back to loving FTE. This essence will be one of my new holy grail!

Formulated with 95% of ‘superstar’ yeast extract means it leaves little room for filler ingredients. I love this blog from The Derm Store about fermented skin care. The specific featured ingredient is a yeast extract from sake kasu brewed at the Xinyi Township of Nantou County, a place known for beautiful weather and green and vibrant scenery. Sake kasu (酒粕) is often used in Taiwanese skin brightening products. It is rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins and thus provide a boost to your skin metabolism, and help to delay premature aging and restore dewiness and suppleness back to your skin. Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 9.30.57 AM

Product Claims

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Skin Types

  • Suitable for all skin types, especially skin with wrinkles, roughness and dullness


  • After daily cleansing, apply appropriate amount on the whole face, avoid eye areas.

Key Ingredients

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  • high concentration actives: 94.90% Ystract from nature pure sake kasu essence from Xinyi Township of Nambu –> contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, organic acids and other nutrients that nurture healthy skin, offers to strengthen the skin’s defense system, moisture, and provide anti-aging capabilities

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  • Actuat E60: a combination of 60 oriental and western collection of botanical plant extract designed to condition the skin, encourage skin cell growth, thereby eliminate dullness and skin aging
    • acne clearing and skin brightening: peony root, Job’s tears, kiwi fruit, mulberry…
    • hydrating: wheat bran protein, rose, tremella and sakura
    • maintain skin elasticity: ginseng, puerania, Copts shininess
  • Hydrating agent: super permeable hydrocolloid that has similar natural moisturizing factor (NMF) as skin, to help skin absorb and lock in water and active ingredients

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Why I Love It

I absolutely adored this treatment essence. First of all, the product comes in an aesthetically pleasing frosted glass bottle. It is easily dispensed through a central opening, and the texture is lightweight, watery with slight viscosity.

I apply this immediately after cleansing and it really is a nutrient-rich product that does many things to my skin. It can tone, hydrate, brighten and prep my skin. I love patting it in generous amount and find it it gives my skin just an extra layer of hydration and glow. It also spread easy, is non-greasy and easily absorbed. In addition, it really helps my other skincare products to absorb better. I always follow with serum and moisturizer.

There is a slight ‘yeast’ smell to the product like many fermented essence, but not overwhelming, nor does it linger.

Overall, this essence is one of the more hydrating essences I’ve tried. I am in my mid-thirties – any product that brightens, minimizes dullness and provides a natural healthy glow gets a thumb-up in my book. It is a product that enhances the rest of my skin care, and makes it easy to create a dewy, hydrated and ‘translucent’ looking skin.

The price for the Jing Cheng LA Creme Face Renewal Miracle Essence is $94, but always look out for sales on the website. Find it at



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