Jing Cheng 60 Actives Ultimate Moisturizer 【京城之霜】60植萃十全頂級全能乳

Jing Cheng 60 Actives Ultimate Moisturizer 【京城之霜】60植萃十全頂級全能乳

Published by Tiffany on 2021 Feb 24th

Have you ever tried Taiwanese skincare? I used to love Taiwanese skincare when I was twenties back home and Naruko is one of those.

It is a classic Taiwanese beauty brand founded by Niu Er #牛爾老師 in 2002, who is a famous beauty expert in Taiwan and much of Asia. He is definitely one of the first “beauty influencers” in the early 2000s as his beauty tips were so well-received.

I was delighted when Naruko reached out to me and gifted me their Jing Cheng 60 Actives Ultimate Moisturizer to try. Jing Cheng is their premium anti-aging line which targets anti-aging and brightening.

Formulated with Actuat E60 which is Naruko's proprietary blend of 60 natural botanical extracts, 10 peptides, swiss glacier, 5% centella asiatica extract, ceramide 3, hyaluronic acid, etc., this moisturizer claims to prevent and smooth wrinkles/fine lines, nourish, restores the skin elasticity & luminosity. I’ve been using it at AM + PM ever since I received them for about 2 weeks and I enjoyed it very much. The texture is light and velvety (swipe left to see), goes on smoothly and absorbs into my skin well without tackiness. It’s hydrating and leave my skin feels plumped and more radiant. I haven’t seen much difference in my forehead wrinkles just yet but I can’t wait to use it further and see how its anti-aging effect.

Oh wait, the botanical scent is a bit strong in my opinion, it smells sooo herbal and it did linger for hours, which may not friendly for those who sensitive to scents. Btw, look at this beautiful red and gold glass bottle! It’s pretty, isn’t it?

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