An acne free lifestyle

An acne free lifestyle

2018 Oct 4th

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well despite how busy are lives are. I just started my chill out Saturday and I’m so excited to post about this amazing beauty products I got. 3 weeks ago, I had an acne break out. One night I was so dead tired and went to sleep without washing my face. The next morning, 6 humongous angry bumps exposed themselves on the places of my face where I don’t want them ( the forehead near the hairline, the center of both eyebrows, on the tip of my nose and mouth and 2 on the chin area ) I was so frustrated with myself why I forgot to wash my face and it takes a long time plus patience to make the acne disappear. Luckily, these

@narukocanadaofficial Tea Tree products came on time to rescue my sad face. Introducing from the Tea Tree Series, Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Toner, Lotion and Night Gelly. I decided to use only the 3 of them as my treatment. I had a good experience with The Lotion Precious Anti-Acne and the Concealer. So I was curious on the result using only the Naruko products. I was so amazed how effective they are to my acne prone skin just using them for 2 days. My acne literally became flat and tiny. Thought they all has this strong medicine scent, I assure you, the scent quickly fades away and tolerable. Just because they shrink, it doesn’t mean I can stop using them, Acne Skin is so demanding and must be taken care well. The 3rd night, I tried using just the toner and lotion. So satisfied with the results. On the 5th day, the laziness came in my mind after washing my face. All I did after was applying on the Night Gelly alone. Amazing! My face is cool and it absorbs directly. Not a heavy gelly feeling. No skin break out on the next day with no toner. I’m so glad to experience the Naruko Tea Tree products and love to recommend you guys to try them.

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