ampm RX10 Peptide Firming & Repairing Mask【ampm】RX10胜肽抗皺修護面膜

ampm RX10 Peptide Firming & Repairing Mask【ampm】RX10胜肽抗皺修護面膜

Published by flotatoskin on 2020 Apr 1st

I chose @narukocanadaofficial AM+PM Skincare RX 10 Peptide Firming & Repairing Mask! I was given this when I went their warehouse sale last year and received these for reviewing purposes. I just keep forgetting to use the masks! Oops! .

Claims: Prevents aging, hydrated skin, locks in moisture, and restore elasticity.

It’s a pretty mellow scent. It smells familiar, but I don’t know where I’ve smelt it before. It’s very calming. Very not your face. Usually Taiwanese masks are a better fit for me, but this mask was wider than the ones I’ve tried. That was the only downside as the rest of the mask was perfect. There were deep slits at the bottom of the mask so it can fit the curvature of my chin. There were also slits on the side of the mouth hole to give flexibility! I was able to talk with this mask on! The mask adhered well and retained the essence the whole time! Yay! I didn’t have any dropping essence down my neck!

My face felt firmer after the I took the mask off. My lines were less apparent! It looked more plump and well hydrated. I don’t find it very moisturizing unfortunately. But I was mostly looking forward to the anti-aging properties for this mask and it delivered. This is a great anti-aging mask that I also found very relaxing. I will definitely use this mask again in the future!


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